We need a social, get to know your team activity on the playground (in student lounge) before going to phase 2)

Phase 2

Time: 2 weeks
For this phase you will work together with your research group to come up with Guiding Questions[link to definition and exemplars] and Guiding Activities [link to definition and exemplars] for the Science Challenge [link to Phase 1]

Part 1: Use Wallwisher for a brainstorming session. What do you need to learn?

Guiding Questions
Why is preserving wilderness important?

Part 2: Use Wallwisher for a brainstorming session. How will you learn it?

Guiding Activities
Survey the kids to see where they go to have fun outside
Look at Maine conservation map to see if land is already protected
Ask dept of fish and wildlife for stats on animals in the area
survey the plants to see what ones thrive (use herbarium thing)

Part 3
Add your resources here as a team that you find to help answer your questions and do your activities.

Guiding Resources
make a google survey! google docs

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5